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The happiest place in Sussex County, where we teach you "how" to dance and to love to dance! Students learn many dances.... not just one dance for a recital or competition. We LOVE what we do & our Dance Family!

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Stars on 9 Dance Center – Testimonials

Stars on 9 Dance Center has been privileged to work with a diverse group of students each year and each of them develops personal connections with our staff. Many of them have provided positive feedback about their experience at our studio—not just students but sponsors, teachers, program directors, charity coordinators, and more. Please see below to read everything they had to say.


“Her teaching is not only technically correct, but also full of creativity and originality.” – Robert Christopher, Ballet Master Teacher, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre NYC

“…your creativity, your planned repertoire, your patience and ability…is so exceptional and extraordinary.” – Sarah O’Neill, Principal at Lillian Drive Elementary School, NJ

“Where all children are treated with the same level of respect, praise and warmth. Janet & her fellow dance instructors offer a fresh, professional, child-­‐friendly approach to dance, music appreciation and movement. Their warm up routine, exercises and dance steps are taught with an appreciation for each child’s skill and comfort level…a child is provided a routine that they can accomplish successfully.” – Marilyn Vines, Nursery School Director & Children’s Ministries Director at St. John’s UMC, NJ

“The Rehoboth Club staff has told me how much they enjoy Ms. Layden, especially for her dedication, punctual manner, and fun, organized teaching methods. Not only do the adult staff and I appreciate Ms. Layden, the students absolutely enjoy her!” – Myron Marshall, Jr., Pegasus ArtWorks Coordinator at The Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware

“Her ability to connect with her students and spread her enthusiasm is commendable.” – Constance Hendricks, Head of School at The Jefferson School, Georgetown, DE

“Janet brings great enthusiasm to her outreach work with children. Her teaching involves connecting with the students, explaining, demonstrating, and encouraging. She has a strong background in dance, voice, the dramatic arts, and movement.” – Leslie Snowdon-­‐Jones, Outreach Coordinator at Rehoboth Art League, Rehoboth Beach DE

“She is engaged with the children and has a real passion for her work.” – Kim Klabe, Education Director at Rehoboth Art League, Rehoboth Beach DE

“She is right there working and teaching the children on their level. She models and explains what they should do and takes time to help them learn the dance moves.” – Mary Beth Adair, Kindergarten Teacher & Director of School Musicals at Rehoboth Elementary School

“I witnessed her treating each child as an individual, appreciating and nurturing their diversity and potential, and celebrating their accomplishments. The campers and their parents/grandparents appreciate and trust her and recognize her as a positive role model.” – Maryellen Davis, Vice President at Milton Theatre

“Janet Layden’s amazing performance and successful teaching exceeded my very highest expectations.” – Dr. Aimee West, English & Literature Dept Professor, Artist & Lecturer at Delaware State University

“I have personally witnessed the “magic” Miss Janet possesses when it comes to inspiring children to learn, and literally a “step above” her contemporaries.” – Ellen Passman, Board of Directors Member & Camp Coordinator at Milton Theatre

“Her choreography and sense of production was way above that of most of her co-­presenters, and she usually left the conventions with universal acclaim of her accomplishments. She is also an excellent role model for her students. She teaches values and builds character, which students learn to respect and trust others as their leaders.” – Dr. Charles Tobey, Department Chair of Movement Sciences at Brooklyn College, NYC

“She has been an awesome teacher/instructor to the children. She was able to capture the children’s attention and keep them entertained the whole time that they have been attending her class. They absolutely enjoy their time with her and have learned a lot from her. Ms. Janet is a wonderful asset to our program. She has taught the children to be patient and with hard work they can learn anything that they put their minds to.” – Demaris Miller, Program Director at the Boys & Girls Club Rehoboth Beach, DE


“Miss Janet’s dance class at Stars on 9 has been a fantastic experience for my 4-year old daughter.  Not only is she learning dance, but she is gaining confidence, practicing manners, being taught respect, and making new friends. We are so happy to be part of this dance family.” – Jennifer Marchetti, Parent

“From a parent’s perspective, Miss Janet is a wonderful, passionate and patient instructor. She was so patient with my shy 4-year old daughter, throughout the course of this year’s Ballet & Tap class, and helped her blossom…with a love of dance.” – Heather Carpenter, Parent

“My daughter, Teagan loves Ms. Janet, Ms. Cathy and everyone at Stars on 9. I love seeing her shine but also learning more than just dance. She is learning how to listen to others, introduce herself and value of practice and patience in addition to her dance skills.” – Tracey Condon Kniefl, Parent

Kaeleen’s handicap is dealing with a memory disorder, low muscle tone motor skill and focus impairments… but through this dance program, she has grown to be physically fit, disciplined, focused and an incredibly self confident… because of Miss Janet, Miss Cathy and Miss Sue. Kaeleen, very shy, … has multiple learning disabilities… but because of dancing with Miss Janet, her confidence was growing and her fear of performing just melted away. It was so much more than dance; she had knowledge of French terms, anatomy and was more beautifully poised.

My other daughter Bridget has the similar disabilities. From Miss Janet’s class, she takes away reminders of how she should treat others, to respect herself, how to carry herself and is determined. She remains a good student due to the elements of focus, hard work and perseverance — all drawn from this dance program. I invite you to borrow my glue, and stick this branch to your tree, for the seedlings will flourish and grow rich in your backyard as it has in mine. – Marylynn Fallon, Parent

“Stars on 9 allowed my children to learn the fundamentals of Ballet & Tap in a laid-back atmosphere that was fun, safe and exciting. Miss Janet and her staff are experienced, passionate and encouraging. Their passion and love of dance touches all of her students at every level.” – Hillary Valentine, Parent

“I brought my own children to her Summer Dance/Theatre Camp sponsored by The Milton Theatre in Delaware, where my eldest daughter, who has dyslexia and is learning disabled in reading, math and writing was able to participate without feeling “different.” Miss Janet sensitively saw her deficits but worked around them without any difficulty and my daughter had a genuinely great time as Janet fosters and teaches respect and integrity in every student.” – Jackie Bernard Gonzalez, Parent, Adolescent Behavioral Health RN & Dance Educator

“As the mother of two of her students (my twins) for over 9 years, Janet is the most professional, kind, talented, loving, dedicated instructor.” – Rita Sirabella, Parent

“You are all so caring, dedicated and professional. Kelsey and Caitlin have learned so much and enjoyed themselves. I’m so happy we found you.” – Caroline Garrett, Parent

“You have given Jess so much confidence in herself, which is so important of a young teen. You have given Aimee structure and discipline. Thank you for being such a caring, kind and loving teacher and mentor.” – Lynda Rosenthal, Parent, Elementary Teacher & NJ Teacher of the Year

“Thank you for all the love & dedication you gave to Gabby & everyone. You are a true inspiration to them and a wonderful role model.” – Holly Gallicchio, Parent

“Victoria started with you when she was 3 years and she is going to be 11 soon! Victoria loves going to dance with you. You make her be the best she can!” – Mrs. Porchetta, Parent

“I have never seen my girls smile as big or look as happy as they do on stage. Thank you for giving them that chance. I am grateful.” – Dr. Jane Sennett, Parent

“Dancing with you was a ‘life’ experience; you gave both of my daughters a place where they learned to dance, develop great relationships and grow as little girls. I am blessed to have had that experience and beautiful memories of recitals, dance classes and laughter.” – Linda & Joe Antonakakis, Parents

“Miss Janet gave my daughter an increased sense of confidence and encouraged her to reach beyond her limits. Carol Ann’s camp experience was wonderful because of Miss Janet’s expertise and gentle treatment to my daughter (who was shy and introverted). Janet is a dedicated professional educator who puts her students FIRST! She inspires them with encouragement and disciplines by setting high standards for them to achieve. She is a gifted, talented, caring and sincere teacher, who has (and will continue to) change the children of today into leaders of tomorrow. Delaware’s parents and students are fortunate to have someone of Janet Layden’s experience and dedication working with and challenging our youth.”- Rita Meadows, MSN, FNP-­‐BC Parent, Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes Specialist & Advocate at Camp Possibilities

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Successful Students

One of her students, Adrian Wiltshire:

  • Choreographed & performed in the opening dance for the Grammy Music Awards 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015
  • Choreographed the hit song “Happy” for Pharrell Williams at the 2014 Oscar Awards
  • Choreographed and performed in the film “The Great Gatsby,” with (from The Black Eyed Peas)
  • Choreographed and performed in the film “Dream Girls” with Jennifer Hudson
  • Choreographed and performs with/for many featured artists:
    • Jojo, P. diddy (Puff Daddy – Sean Combs,) Mariah Carey, Keyshia Cole
  • Choreographed and performed in the films: “Honey” “Stomp the Yard” & “Step Up 3D”
  • Last year, In just one week, he appeared on the national TV show:
    • The Ellen DeGeneres Show,
    • Dancing With the Stars
    • So You Think You Can Dance.
  • Is now on a World Tour with Ariana Grande as her personal DJ and Choreographer

Another student: Melani Hailey is presently performing in Paris and throughout Europe.

 Miss Janet’s students have performed by invitation at:

  • Radio City Music Hall
  • Madison Square Garden
  • Disney World
  • Macy’s NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • Camp Broadway
  • Several Regional & National Teachers Conferences and Banquets in DC, Baltimore, and NYC

Many of her students have won regional and national dance competitions, awards & titles, including:

Dance Educators of America’s “Mr. Dance of America 1997” (Adrian Wiltshire)

 Her Graduating Students      Accepted into the following programs (most on scholarship)

  • The Juilliard School (Lincoln Center)
  • The School of American Ballet (NYC Ballet Co.)The Alvin Ailey American Theatre School
  • The Joffrey Ballet School
  • The Dance Theatre of Harlem
  • Ballet Hispanico
  • Broadway Dance Center, NYC (Faculty)
  • LaGuardia HS of Performing Arts (Lincoln Center)Mark Twain Junior HS of the Preforming Arts
  • Temple University, PA
  • University of the Arts, Philadelphia
  • Marymount Manhattan College
  • NJ Governor’s School of the Summer Arts
  • Camp Broadway NYC

Several of her graduating students are continuing in Miss Janet’s footsteps as Teachers (in various fields) &/or professional Dance / Drama Teachers. Some even own and are Artistic Directors of their own schools.  How proud and blessed she is to have touched their lives!

  • Shivonne Alphonso NYC
  • Vanessa Aird NYC /Grenada
  • Lisa Brown NYC
  • Courtney Buckmire NYC
  • Jackie Curran NC
  • Katie Egan CA
  • Kaeleen Fallon NJ/ NYC
  • Kathleen Fitzgerad Dervin NY
  • Siobhan Fitzgerald Lorina NYC
  • Kaitlyn Kurkemelis NJ
  • Debby Lavender NY
  • Yrcania Castillo Moncrieffe NYC
  • Kathy Mini NYC
  • Elizabeth O’Brien NJ
  • Janelle Piccirelli-Taylor PA
  • Michelle Roomey Myslinski VA
  • Amie Rosenthal NJ
  • Siobhan Santini NYC
  • Lakisha Smith NYC
  • Norma Tobio Giglio NYC
  • Diana Valentin Mendez NJ
  • Jenna Usuriello Fearon NJ

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